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Cortix breaks new ground in improving patient safety, using robust and effective wireless solutions. Clinical handovers, task management, ward boards and early warning scores combine to protect the patient from risk by enabling more complete and precise communication. 

Topas is our highly cost effective Patient Administrative System (PAS) which has been refined over a number of years to match the exact needs of NHS hospitals. Topas is well regarded due to its intuitive handling and the companies quick turnaround when new national policies are to be implemented. Many interfaces exist between Topas and integration engines/ other clinical applications.

TED the Topas Emergency Department Module delivers the essential benefits required by ED teams, it is central to patient tracking as well as managing their individual care...

MORSE Health professionals who spend most of their working day visiting schools, practices and residential addresses usually have to return to their base to update patient/client records using a PC. This is both inconvenient and inefficient.

Cambric has developed Morse, a native application which runs on Android and IOS devices. It enables users to take data offline and work with that data in an offline capacity. Changes are saved to the local database on the device so there is no traffic going back and forth. Then, when the network is next available the user can synchronise the data in Morse with the back end database. Only the changes are processed, making the process almost instantaneous.

Morse is not limited to a single back end system. It is an agnostic application which can connect to any number of back end systems e.g. PAS, PMS, Radiology, Pharmacy, Labs etc.

Optionally, Morse can be integrated with an unlimited range of local and national forms based on ePen technology.


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